So, what IS going on, exactly?

Don’t panic, dear readers. Quite a few voices today in the media racking up page views by screaming that the crypto sky is falling (again). Par for the course given that we’re in the second inning in the crypto space. We at Crypto Mouse believe this will continue for the remainder of 2018, at least. Things have to fail and kinks have to be streamlined before the institutional players can join in.

That being said, we’re watching Ethereum closely, which is near it’s level to about a year ago. Many say profits are being taken, and perhaps over the counter manipulation is in play. Could be. But something doesn’t smell quite right. Avoid buying any Ethereum on the dips for now.

Most interesting plays for us at the moment are Bitcoin (the granddaddy of them all), Eos (who raised billions with a B, don’t sleep on that!) and Decred. Don’t buy just yet though. If your fingers are twitching and you just can’t help yourself, put a small limit order in for BTC at $5,500, or better yet at $5,000.

Patience is paramount people, the music hasn’t stopped yet, no need to rush and pick the closest chair.


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