Network Outage – Ledger

A note to all of our dear readers who use Ledger Manager – they have reported a network outage at one of their datacenters, which is obviously affecting the Ledger Manager.

What is Ledger Manager? It is the app you use when setting up a new Ledger hardware wallet, also what you need to upgrade your firmware and download specific wallets for coins/tokens.

Already have cryptos on your Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet for cold storage)? Don’t panic! Any cryptocurrency on a Ledger Nano S is safe.

Ledger Manager is a different story though, it has alternated from working intermittently to down entirely since yesterday, which might affect your ability to update the firmware on your Ledger Nano S or download individual wallet apps.

Ledger supposedly released a temporary fix this morning, which they indicated might be slow, meaning any downloads or firmware upgrades could fail. But to reiterate again, your funds are not at risk if in cold storage on the Ledger Nano S. Ledger is only reporting difficulties with their app, and expects to have it back up online later today.


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