SEC Investor Conference to Hold Session on Bitcoin, ICOs

The SEC Investor Conference is in Atlanta this year (June 13th) at Georgia State University.

This is how the SEC’s site advertises the event:

Meet the people who help make Wall Street work for Main Street. All five SEC Commissioners are coming to Atlanta to meet with you: young people, the military, urban and rural, those saving for retirement, and seniors—the diverse, the dynamic people of the southeast region.”

There is some nervous speculation that the breakout session on bitcoin and ICOs will have definitive remarks as to whether all cryptocurrencies are defined as securities by the SEC, which would have immediate effects on the market, likely with strict regulations on taxes, and who can or cannot legally own/invest in cryptocurrencies.

Don’t panic just yet, dear readers. Chairman Jay Clayton, who spoke earlier this year about cryptocurrencies and ICOs at Princeton University, explained his hope for any regulation introduced by the SEC, would have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency space: eradicating bad actors and paving the way for legitimate projects to thrive.

Time will tell, more to come.


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